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Are you ready for an Adventure?

The Big Boreal Adventure is a free, nature-based scavenger hunt in Thunder Bay, designed to get people outside, exploring the city. A guidebook is available to launch the search for 38 special sites dotted throughout Thunder Bay’s natural spaces. Re-visit your favourite green spaces and discover new ones at your own pace. The Big Boreal Adventure is accessible for all ages.

Explore with our nature scavenger hunt

The guidebook offers information about each site, as well as a clue that gives hints to lead you to the post. There are blank pages in the guidebook so you can make a rubbing from the post into your book. The goal is to visit each site, find each post, and make a rubbing, using a pencil or crayon, from the post into your guidebook.

Looking for even more fun?

Now that you have reached our website, come back again and again to check out the new information, games and activities that you will find for many locations! Listen to the recording or read the information. Check out the recommended books from the Thunder Bay Public Library. Admire the photos of the locations and submit your own. Photos of you doing the activities will inspire others to go for a Big Boreal Adventure!

Get your guidebook

Pick up your guidebook at any Thunder Bay Public Library.





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